Skin Perfecting

Skin Perfecting

At Beauty Park, we have a variety of solutions to minor skin irregularities such as broken capillaries, fibromas, sebaceous hyperplasia, pimples, blood spots and skin tags. These usual suspects don’t stand a chance to our treatments. We have several lasers options at the spa, but we also have some other options you may choose from, such as the Lamprobe, Cryoprobe or a Cortisone Injection.


The Lamprobe uses high frequency technology to target and treat unsightly skin irregularities quickly and precisely. At Beauty Park, we call the Lamprobe our “Skin Perfecting Treatment”. It really is amazing to see! Smaller imperfections such as broken capillaries and freckles disappear on the spot. Some might take a few treatments, but you will see the size reduce instantaneously. Discomfort is minimal and you will love the results.



The Cryoprobe is a precision pen-like instrument that uses pressurized liquid nitrous oxide to pinpoint and destroy smaller skin issues such as skin tags, moles and warts. Results are instant – discomfort and downtime is minimal.


Zit Killer

On its own, the acclaimed “cort shot” (cortisone injection) can shrink colossal zits with in 48 hours. When time is not on your side, our star clientele demand faster results. As a follow up to the cort shot, we smooth the skin with the NIR (Near Infrared) light. Nurse Jamie says, “This one-two combo will greatly reduce the swelling and redness, if not make that sucker gone altogether in 24 hours.”

$45 Cortisone with Laser  / $35—Topical Cortisone Application with Laser (no needle)



Barnacle Removal

Banish those barnacles! Treat any red and/or brown spots on your face and body with our skin perfecting lasers.

Barnacle 10 $150
Barnacle 20 $200
Barnacle 30 $350

Barnacle B:A

Freckles multiply when you tan! Practice safe tanning instead with Nurse Jamie's Gradual Tanning Vitamin Infused Moisturizer.

Before & After Your Treatment

Please do not tan for 4 weeks prior to laser treatments and refrain from using self tanning products for 2 weeks.

Retinol, Renova, Retin-A, gylcolic acids, bleaching creams and exfoliants should be stopped 3-4 days prior to treatment.

It is important to avoid sun exposure before and after laser treatments, Nurse Jamie reccommends using sun protection of SPF 30 or higher.

Skin should be treated gently, avoid scrubbing or exfoliating area and use a gentle cleanser.

Post Treatment Care Instructions

Cancellation Policy

At Beauty Park we are eager to meet your scheduling needs. In doing so, we have a 24-hr cancellation policy. All appointments require a credit card authorization upon booking. If your appointment is not cancelled before the specified time, you may be charged the full amount of your service. Thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding this matter.