About Beauty Park

Here at Beauty Park, our vision is simple: To offer you not only the best non-surgical beauty solutions available on the market, but offer the newest and latest technical advances in beauty today. Our range of med spa services include everything from skin perfecting, injectables, laser hair removal, to liquid face lifts, not to mention a wide range of cosmetic laser services. Our expert staff is on hand and ready to answer all of your skin care questions, and to help you decide what’s best for you in the realm of beauty.

Our experienced medical staff can transform your skin, helping you achieve a more youthful appearance sometimes as quickly as one visit! Take years off your face and obtain a more rested look with dermal fillers (such as Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, or Belotero Balance®) and paralytics (such as Dysport® or Botox®).

We also offer a variety of acne laser treatments that can eliminate active bacteria and reduce the signs of acne scars. Our many skin perfecting laser treatments provide dramatic results that resurface and rejuvenate the skin with less beauty down time than ever before.

Our Nurse Jamie Detox and Slim Wrap uses infrared thermal energy that is similar to the energy produced during exercise. The body naturally releases fat and toxins into the blood stream where it is removed naturally, through perspiration and urine. When these incredible thermal heat wraps are done several times a week along with control of calorie intake, great results are possible. Losing inches and getting rid of those filthy toxins has never been easier. It’s all about burning calories and detoxing your body. This highly beneficial energy is easily absorbed by the body. Penetrating deep below the surface of the skin, it creates increased blood circulation.  Sweat your way to a more beautiful you!

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Nurse Jamie is most recognized as the Beauty Guru with the title of “ExtraTV’s Lifechanger“. Catering to many celebrity clients, Jamie has been featured in the media on VH1’s “Hollywood Exes“, “The Doctors“, “Fashion Team“, and was a regular component on “The Simple Life” as the in-house nurse to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. 

Be sure to check Nurse Jamie on YouTube for her TV appearances and ExtraTV’s Road Tests.

Newest Technology

Millions of people these days are opting for non-invasive alternative to surgery. At Beauty Park, we use the latest technology in laser skin rejuvenation, dermal fillers and paralytics.

For laser hair removal, we use the Alma Soprano XL, making it a virtually pain-less treatment – with no downtime.

Our Bloodless Anti-Vampire Lift is done with the Dermapen, an FDA approved electronic device that uses multiple fine needles to vertically pierce the skin. It is safer and more effective than traditional skin needling because of the unique vertical needling technology.

Smooth away wrinkles even on the day of an event! Our Baby Drop Fillers use a hyaluronic acid-based filler like Restylane or Juvederm for the most natural looking results.

We also offer a variety of weight loss, body contouring and vitamin therapy solutions. The Accent XL is a highly effective skin tightening alternative. It firms and tones the skin, reducing cellulite while promoting collagen growth. You can also lose inches from your abs, hips and thighs, with the latest body slimming treatment, i-LIPO. This non-invasive “lipo-laser” provides liposuction results without the downtime.

In addition to having the latest technologies in laser skin rejuvenation, we also carry Nurse Jamie’s extensive product line which includes, make-upvitamins, anti-aging products and more!

Skin care expert and aesthetic nurse guru Jamie Sherrill is recognized as one of the top experts in Los Angeles in the area of beauty. While she has been co-owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica for over five years, she has worked for nearly fifteen as a consultant to some of the top spas in the world, and garners a long list of celebrity clientele.

Her incredible and always-evolving knowledge in the latest innovations in beauty – combined with her personable demeanor and medical fortitude – make her the go-to girl for many a celebrity and have earned her the nickname of “Nurse Jamie”.

Jamie lives in Los Angeles with her husband Harold, their two dogs, and toddler triplets.

Celebrities always seem to have flawless skin – on the red carpet, magazine covers and on the big screen. Why don’t we ever see celebrities with blemishes, age spots or wrinkles? The celebrity secret to high-definition, flawless skin is available inside exclusive med spas – where celebrities have access to an arsenal of skin perfecting solutions.

Beauty Park co-owner, Nurse Jamie, is dedicated to making exclusive celebrity skin care secrets accessible to everyone. Our med spa – located in Santa Monica – offers affordable, top-notch, beauty services to all of Los Angeles.

You don’t need to have a celebrity’s budget to afford celebrity skin!